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Repair Cafe

City of Canada Bay

Concord, NSW

The City of Canada Bay is funds the Bower Reuse and Repair Centre to provide a monthly Repair Café on the second Saturday of each month for the residents of City of Canada Bay. Bower technicians will be on hand to assist with the repair process, teach new skills,and raise awareness of the benefits of repairing and reducing waste sent to landfill.

Register for repair of the following items:

A) Small electrical appliance repair eg lamps, stereo equipment, fans, blenders, coffee machines etc. The technician will look at the appliance to assess the repair potential. Sometimes a simple re-soldering of a join or replacing a broken plug is all that is needed. In some cases it may not be possible to repair the item or it may need further specialised attention at the Bower Centre.

B) Timber furniture repair eg rickety tables and chairs, small cabinets with loose hinges etc
The wood woodwork expert will guide participants through simple repair techniques. In some cases glue will be used and clamps are very helpful to aid drying time, so if participants have them at home please bring them.

Bay Connection (Bus trips for over 55's)



Explore your community and meet new people!

The City of Canada Bay offers a program of bus trips for people over 55 years of age who live in the local government area. The aim of the program is to improve social connection and cohesion among older people within the community and contribute to their overall health and well-being. Currently the program has over 60 participants from the City of Canada Bay area.

Bay Connection bus trips are designed for people who:

  • Live at home and would like to get out of the house

  • Enjoy the company of others

  • Find it difficult to attend social events or outings due to limited mobility

  • Would like to travel to a variety of interesting destinations. 

The trips operate on Tuesdays and Fridays every alternate week. 

Participants must meet eligibility criteria. The service is not available to nursing home residents.