About Abbotsford Community Centre


Abbotsford Community Centre's Philosophy

“We are committed to providing a safe and caring environment that children enjoy, and helps parents in their efforts to balance work and family life.

Our quality programs reflect the values of play and social interactions of children in middle childhood. All children’s needs are considered when planning and implementing our programs.”


“We respect the diversity of our local community and celebrate the enrichment it brings into our lives.”


“We welcome and encourage all children and families to actively contribute to our program, and help us to continue to provide a quality children’s service.”


Who is ACC?


Abbotsford Community Centre (ACC) is a non-profit organisation providing assistance to families through the provision of Out-Of-School Hours (OOSH) Care and Vacation Care in a safe and friendly environment.


The centre is located next to Abbotsford Public School in what was once the Head Master's Cottage.


After School Care ensures all children in infant years are picked up from school and escorted to the centre. Primary children are signed in at the centre side gate where a variety of programmed activities are available.


Care is available for school aged children, so the variety of leisure activities is broad and age appropriate – art and craft, woodworking, tapestry, origami, and gardening to name a few. Sport is also organised each afternoon, with carers supervising obstacle courses, races, and more conventional sports like volleyball, tennis, soccer, cricket and basketball.


Our aim is to extend the children’s range of experience in these types of leisure activities and engage them in stimulating, life-skill projects that challenge and teach.


ACC is led by a volunteer parent management committee. The centre employs a Director and other staff who are responsible for the daily operation of the centre and the care of your children.


Parents are welcome to speak to management committee or the Director at anytime regarding any issues or concerns.


Give us a call:

9713 1608

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We would like to welcome all our new Kindergarten students and their parents to the centre. 


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