Before School Care Routine


7:00am   Children begin to arrive
7:00am   Indoor activities
7.45am– 8:20am  Breakfast  -  free play outside
8:30am   older children with written permission are signed out
8:45am   Rollcall    
8:50am   Children escorted to school. Kindys are escorted to their classroom.  In term 3 we let the year 1 students walk down by themselves,  in anticipation for the following year.



After School Care Routine


3:00pm    Kindys are collected from there classrooms and then all meet under the big tree, here they do another roll call and walk up to the centre.

3:00-3:30pm      Children place bags in allocated cubicles,
wash hands & sit in back eating area where Afternoon tea is served

4:00pm  Programmed activities commence or homework

After School Care requires that children bring their hat, warm clothes in winter and their own sunscreen/insect repellent if necessary. 



Vacation Care


7:00am – 6:30pm
Fruit provided for afternoon tea daily.

Lunch is only provided on special days when specified on Vacation care program. Daily routine varies depending on program.


Vacation Care requires children to bring their own warm clothes in winter, a water bottle, their own lunch. Children must wear closed in shoes and bring their own sunscreen/insect repellent if necessary. Appropriate clothing for activity being held on the day is also required. The centre hats are to be worn for ALL excursions. This is to ensure that all children are easily identified while out in public areas. Hats cost $10. If a child does not have their hat on day of excursion the parent/carer will be phoned and can choose to add $10 onto their account for the purchase of the hat or collect their child to take home. The Vac hat is the responsibility of families once purchased.



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